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WWE SmackDown Women’s Title Triple Threat Match: Carmella © vs. Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair

Carmella jumped Lynch right out of the gate then hit a big boot to Flair. Lynch knocked her down and hit a leg drop to Carmella, who then fired back with a drop kick for 2. Carmella slapped the back of the head of Lynch and acted like Flair did it. Carmella rolled up Flair for 2. Lynch and Flair argued in the ring then Lynch hit a hip toss to Carmella. Lynch rolled up Flair for 2 and Flair returned the favor.

Lynch with a series of arm tosses then Flair with a shoulder block. Carmella sent Flair face first into the ring post and sent Lynch into the steps. Back in the ring, Carmella locked in a headlock to Lynch but Lynch fought out of it. Carmella with a clothesline then pulled down Flair by her hair for 1. Carmella with a series of elbow strikes to Flair then a headlock. Carmella with a knee strike then sent Flair to the floor. Lynch with a quick roll up on the champ for 2 then Carmella hit a drop kick. Carmella mocked Lynch then rolled her up for 2. Flair with a big boot to Lynch then chops to the champ.

Flair with a series of suplexes then a back suplex. Lynch with a knee strike to Flair then went to the top rope where she hit a double drop kick. Lynch with clotheslines to Flair and Carmella. Lynch with a back kick, uppercut and powerslam. Lynch with a right hand to Carmella but once she went to the top rope, Carmella knocked her down and hit a hurricanronna for 2. Flair with a spear to Carmella for 2.

Carmella with a kick to the gut of Flair and sent her into the turnbuckle. Flair with a face buster to Carmella and then locked in the boston crab then the figure four until Lynch hit a leg drop off the top rope for 2. Carmella and Lynch exchange right hands until Carmella sent Lynch to the floor. Carmella hit an outside dive to Lynch. Flair hit an outside dive off the middle rope to the floor to Lynch and Carmella. Back in the ring, Lynch blocked Nature Selection and locked in an armbar but Carmella broke it up. Lynch tossed Carmella to the floor and hit a chokeslam for 2 on Flair.

Carmella sent Lynch into the turnbuckle for 2. Carmella with a superkick to Lynch for 2. Carmella with a head kick to Flair then one to Lynch. However, Lynch managed to lock in the armbar on Carmella but Carmella got to the ropes. Lynch with a powerslam then the armbar but Flair broke it up with Natural Selection to Lynch for the win.

Winner: Charlotte Flair – New Champion

Post-match, Lynch turned on Flair by attacking her and standing tall in the ring.

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