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Smackdown Live Results-May 23rd,2017
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Carmella and Becky start things off, trading headlocks back and forth. Carmella tries for an armdrag but Lynch rolls her into a pin for two. A brawl breaks out between all four, with the heels getting dumped to the floor to regroup as we go to commercial. Looks like they’re bringing back the picture-in-picture display so we can keep watching the match during commercial breaks!

Natalya has Becky in a headlock as they come back from commercial, but she kicks herself free and makes the hot tag to the Queen. Charlotte comes in and cleans house, knocking Carmella off the apron and dropping Nattie with a neckbreaker. She heads up to the top rope, but the heels cause a distraction knocking her down. Becky tags back in and dropkicks Natalya from the ring, but runs into forearms from Carmella. Ellsworth gets up on the apron, but Becky knocks him down and locks in the Disarmher for the submission victory.

Winners: Becky Lynch & Charlotte

Backstage Segment

Shane McMahon is on the phone with someone, and says that the main event is up next. Natalya comes in and asks him for an opportunity at the women’s title. Becky Lynch interrupts and makes her claim to the title as well. Carmella, Tamina Snuka and Charlotte all follow and make their cases to challenge for the belt. Shane announces that next week there will be a Fatal 5-Way match between all of them, with the winner getting a championship match at Money in the Bank.


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Smackdown Live Results-May 16th,2017
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In-Ring: WWE Backlash Contract Signing

Smackdown Commissioner Shane McMahon is out, and asks the Manchester crowd how they’re doing. He calls Smackdown the premiere brand of the WWE, before introducing the Welcoming Committee: Natalya, Tamina Snuka and Carmella, with James Ellsworth. He then brings out Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, and the WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion Naomi. After all the introductions are through, Natalya says it’s funny to see the three of them pretending to be best friends. She calls them pathetic, and tells Becky she missed her chance to join the WC. The heels all sign the contract.

Becky Lynch says there was no chance in hell that she would join Natalya and her goon squad, and said she’s going to slap the taste out of all of them at Backlash. Naomi says they should be worried about their next hair opponent, because come Sunday she’s gonna snatch them all, then says she’s gonna snatch Ellsworth’s balls. Charlotte is next to talk, and says the WC has done nothing but whine and complain since she arrived on Smackdown Live. She says after they deal with the WC at Backlash, the queen is coming for her crown. Shane says the match is official, but he’s cut off by James Ellsworth, who rambles about how much Becky is in love with him. Shane straight up says that he has no idea what Ellsworth is talking about. He goes on to say that Charlotte doesn’t have a chance with him either, because he’s always going to be the Prince to the Princess of Staten Island. Naomi tries to go after him but Carmella throws her into the table, and Shane gets in between all of them. McMahon makes a match between Carmella and Naomi, right here, right now.


Back from a commercial break (that’s three for three) the champion is in control of the match, working over Carmella with rest holds and kick combinations. Carmella gets a brief advantage after going for the hair, but Naomi quickly takes it back with a big kick. James Ellsworth tries to get involved and the referee ejects him from ringside, as we go to yet another commercial break.

After the break, Naomi is destroying Carmella with kick after kick, then did her rapid fire kick spot. Carmella bailed to the outside looking for her man, then faked trying to run away from the match, only to superkick the champion. She rolled Naomi back into the ring and put on a side headlock, then hit a Bronco Buster for two. Back into the side headlock. They jockey for position on the ropes, until Naomi hits a big flash kick, then a sit-down jawbreaker. She heads up to the top rope but is cut off by Tamina Snuka, until the referee ejects her and Natalya from the match as well. The go to leave but instead go after Charlotte and Becky in a big brawl on the floor. Naomi drops Tamina with a kick through the ropes, but Carmella rolls her up from behind with a handful of tights for the pin. Winner: Carmella


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Smackdown Live Results-May 9th,2017
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Carmella, James Ellsworth and Tamina Snuka came out to introduce their partner, “the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be”, Natalya. James Ellsworth told the crowd to get down on one knee, because they didn’t deserve to be on the same level as the Welcoming Committee. Naomi was next out, and did a terrible British accent, telling the crowd to make some noise. She introduced her friend Becky Lynch, who got a decent reaction as the somewhat local-ish UK star. Charlotte then came out last, and said she needed no introduction.


Becky got a good reaction throughout the first portion of the match. They even gave her the “Tyler, Tyler Tyler Bate” chant, but with her name obviously. This one didn’t last very long. Becky started out in control, the brawled to the floor, and Natalya took over. Becky made the comeback a few minutes later with a few clotheslines and a dropkick. She hit an exploder suplex and looked to finish things off, but Tamina got up on the apron to make the save. Naomi went after Tamina and the obligatory brawl broke out. Charlotte pulled Naomi off the heels, and the distraction was enough for Natalya to roll up Becky for the win. Winner: Natalya


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Smackdown Live Results-May 2nd,2017
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Backstage Segment

Charlotte is being interviewed about her tag team match tonight, partnering with WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion Naomi. She’s attacked by Tamina Snuka, Natalya and Carmella who leave her laying on the floor.

Naomi & Charlotte Flair vs. Natalya & Carmella

Naomi is going it alone here to start things out. Carmella tries to throw a few kicks but they do literally nothing, and the champ destroys her with a series of her own kicks, followed by her rapid-fire kick spot, then a big spin kick to the face. Natalya tags in and backs Naomi into the corner, throwing her hard to the floor, but is caught with a headscissors takedown to the floor. The champ goes after her, but is caught and thrown into the steel steps. The heels alternate tags to keep the pressure on for several minutes, until Naomi and Natalya collide with crossbodies in the middle of the ring. Charlotte’s music hits as both women are down, and Flair slowly limps her way down to the ring. Naomi makes the hot tag and Charlotte clears the apron, taking down Nattie with chops and a neckbreaker, followed by a big boot. Carmella rushes the ring but is easily dispatched with a chop. She starts slamming Nattie into the corner head-first, but the numbers game catches up and the heels take control as we cut to a commercial. When we come back from the break, the rest of the Welcoming Committee (I guess that’s what we’re calling them now) are suddenly ringside. Carmella missed a Bronco Buster – she seriously hasn’t hit a single offensive move with success this entire match – and the champ gets the hot tag. A Rear View lays out Carmella, but Natalya distracts the official. Naomi lays her out with a kick, then lays out James Ellsworth, but Carmella rolls her up for the upset win. Winners: Natalya & Carmella

– The heels rush the ring and beat down Charlotte. Naomi tries to fend them off but it’s too much of a handicap. Becky Lynch’s music hits and she runs down and… shakes hands with Tamina Snuka. She shakes hands with Natalya and Carmella, then throws James Ellsworth into the group and takes down Natalya. She first up on the rest and clears the ring, but runs into a superkick from Tamina. The heels beat assault Becky while keeping Charlotte and Naomi on the floor, then pose together in the ring.


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Smackdown Live Results-April 25th,2017
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WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship
Naomi (c) vs. Charlotte Flair

The two locked up and went back in forth, fighting out onto the apron, before Charlotte dropped the champion hard on the floor. After a commercial break, Charlotte was in control, hitting a splash in the corner and throwing elbows. She hit a big knife-edge chop and grew frustrated at not being able to pick up quick pins. Naomi hit a jawbreaker out of nowhere to give herself some separation and starting laying in her rapid fire kicks, followed by a hurricanrana and another jawbreaker. She went for a sunset flip over the ropes, Charlotte rolled through, but Naomi followed up with a fireman’s carry into a massive roundhouse kick for a nearfall. The champion connects with the Rear View, but Charlotte kicks out at two-and-a-half.

Naomi collects herself as Charlotte can’t believe she’s being bested and freaks out. The champ tries for a headscissors takedown, but Flair hangs on and delivers a big sit-down powerbomb. She heads to the top rope and tries for the moonsault, but Naomi gets the knees up. The women’s heel group hits the ring out of the crowd and attacks both women, causing the referee to throw out the match.

Winner: no contest

Natalya, Tamina Snuka and Carmella throw Naomi from the ring and go to work beating down Charlotte. They hold her down as Tamina destroys Charlotte with a big splash, then they go back after her as Carmella lays her out with a superkick. The crowd chants for Becky Lynch, but she doesn’t come out as Natalya’s music hits and the group heads up the ramp, Naomi and Charlotte left laying in the ring.

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Smackdown Live Recap-March 7th,2017
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First Match: John Cena & Nikki Bella vs. James Ellsworth & Carmella

Carmella and Nikki starts things off. Miz and Maryse joins the commentary team for this match. Nikki turns around and Carmella connects with a SuperKick. Coming out of the commercial break, Carmella is grounding Nikki with a rear chin lock. Cena is trying to pump up the crowd. Carmella with a knee strike to Nikki. Nikki tosses Carmella out of the ring. Nikki tags in Cena. Ellsworth refuses to get into the ring. Ellsworth takes his time. Carmella and Ellsworth begin to argue. Carmella shoves Ellsworth into Cena.

Carmella wants Ellsworth to act like a man. Ellsworth goes for No Chin Music, but Cena counters with a spinning side slam. Carmella shoves Cena in frustration. Nikki lays out Carmella with a massive forearm. Cena and Nikki connect with Stereo Five Knuckle Shuffles. Nikki connects with the Rack Attack 2.0 on Carmella. Cena plants Ellsworth with the Attitude Adjustment. Nikki gets Carmella trapped in the Fearless Lock while Cena has Ellsworth in the STF at the same time. Carmellsworth quickly taps out. After the match, The Miz and Maryse drags Cena and Nikki out of the ring. Miz whips Cena shoulder first to the steel ring steps. Maryse launches Nikki back first to the steel ring post.

Winner: John Cena & Nikki Bella via Submission


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Smackdown Live Recap:February 14th,2017
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Dean Ambrose, Carmella, James Ellsworth and Daniel Bryan Backstage Segment:

Ellsworth invites Carmella to dinner for Valentine’s Day. Carmella thinks Ellsworth is cute, but she’s getting cold feet. Ambrose wants to know where Corbin is. Ambrose wants to give Ellsworth 5 cents worth of advice, Carmella is using him.

Carmella is upset that this gas station attendant is talking to her like that. She wants Ellsworth to stand up to Ambrose. Daniel Bryan walks up and asks if there’s a problem? Ambrose is looking for Corbin, but he wants to beat up Ellsworth. Bryan understand that Ambrose has some anger issues after Sunday. Bryan announces that Dean Ambrose will take on James Ellsworth. Carmella tells Ellsworth that he can teach that dirtbag a lesson.

Second Match: Dean Ambrose vs. James Ellsworth w/Carmella

Ellsworth says that the WWE Universe is not allowed to boo Carmella because he’s her boo, so lets give a round of applause for the F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S, Carmella. Dean Ambrose music hits, but he doesn’t immediately come out.

Baron Corbin attacks Ambrose in the backstage area and drags him out to the ramp. Corbin kicks Ambrose in the ribs. Ambrose with a series of forearm strikes to Corbin. Ambrose with a flying crossbody off one of the production crates. Corbin with a Deep Six that sends Ambrose crashing through a table in the pyro section.

Winner: No Contest


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Smackdown Live Results:January 31st,2017
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Carmella vs. Delilah Dawson

James Ellsworth comes out and gives a semi-heel promo before introducing Carmella for her match. Delilah Dawson is the jobber who Carmella is facing in this one. After Carmella takes her down, Ellsworth runs over and laughs in her face. Dawson gets in a few shots, but Ellsworth trips her and she hits her face on the mat. Carmella locks in her finisher for the submission win.


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Smackdown Live Recap:January 10th,2017
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Fourth Match: Carmella w/James Ellsworth vs. CJ Lunde

Carmella and Lunde goes into a collar and elbow tie up. Carmella drives Lunde head to the canvas. Lunde with a rollup for a one count. Carmella kicks Lunde in the gut. Carmella with a boot to the face of Lunde. Carmella stomps on Lundes chest in the corner. Carmella connects with the Bronco Buster for a two count. Carmella drives Lunde to the corner.

Carmella rams her shoulders to the midsection of Lunde. Lunde connects with a leaping back elbow. Ellsworth tries to trip Lunde a front of the referee. Carmella blindsides Lunde. Carmella goes for the cover, but Lunde kicks out at two. Lunde chases Carmella around the ring, but Ellsworth grabs Lunde boot as she was getting back into the ring. Carmella connects with the STO. Carmella gets Lunde in the Code of Silence which forces Lunde to tap out.

Winner: Carmella via Submission


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Smackdown Recap:January 3rd,2017
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Carmella is stretching and James Ellsworth stops by. Ellsworth thanks her for the kind words last week as he stumbles over his words as he wishes her luck in her match tonight. Ellsworth gives Carmella the shirt off his back. Carmella says that’s so sweet. Carmella says that Ellsworth should be at ringside with her.

Third Match: Carmella w/James Ellsworth vs. Aliyah

Carmella and Aliyah goes into the collar and elbow tie up. Aliyah transitions into a side headlock. Aliyah goes for a snap mare, but Carmella gets back on her feet. Carmella whips Aliyah head first into the canvas. Carmella transitions into the ground and pound attack. Carmella with the cover for a two count. Carmella applies a rear chin lock.

Carmella bounces Aliyah’s head on the top turnbuckle. Carmella stomps on Aliyah’s chest in the corner. Carmella connects with the Bronco Buster. Aliyah with a jaw breaker to Carmella. Aliyah with a Northern Lights Suplex with a bridge for a two count. Aliyah with a corner spear to Carmella. Aliyah ascends to the second rope. Ellsworth distracts Aliyah. Carmella Superkicks Aliyah. Carmella with a snap mare into the Code of Silence and Aliyah taps out.

Winner: Carmella via Submission


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